Plang Translations offers fast and reliable service at competitive prices. The rates are always the same, no matter if the translation is from English to Polish or Polish to English.

If you would like to get more specific information about how much you will pay for your order, please complete the form on the contact page.


Typical documentsOther
Completion time
normal3-5 working days
fast2 working days
expressnext working day

The price of the translation depends on the type of the document to translate.

Typical documents, such as diplomas, school certificates, marriage certificates, passports, are charged £20 per page.
Other documents are charged £35 per standard page.

One standard page of certified translation contains 1125 characters, including spaces. One standard page of non-certified text contains 1600 characters including spaces. There is a minimum price of £20.

Copies of certified translations are charged 20% of the original price each.


£25 per hour + £10 waiting or travel time
minimum price: £25